My name is Ely. I am building this page with the purpose of sharing what I know about the topics that have brought you here, in hopes that you and others will find them helpful.

Back when I was only blogging about my experiences, random thoughts, and life complaints, I knew that no one really cared about my stories. They could be uninteresting or not exciting at all, and I didn't really care either. But what I realized is that people actually dive into topics that they find "helpful". They would leave comments on my posts and even look me up on Facebook to send me private messages. Not that they wanted me as a friend, but it is clear that they needed answers to their questions.

Right now, allow me talk about everything that I learned from acquiring a property. It has been a huge learning experience for me and when I was going through it, I never found any online source of concrete information that could help me. There were a few references, but they did not provide much details. Hence, the idea of putting up this blog.

It took me awhile to decide on this niche. My decision to focus on these topics came from what I learned from my old blogs, and after committing to myself that I will not stop. Letting go of my hesitations and fears by focusing only on what I have now and what I can do now, has been very liberating. Suddenly, ideas and words seem to flow freely.

I hope this blog will be helpful to everyone who reads my posts. From buying a condo unit, to home loans, and credit cards, to the everyday transactions that we often hate, I will make sure to share as much experiences as I could. If you have questions, feel free to to ask by leaving a comment on any related post.