How to Renew your GSIS Pension Online – APIR

UPDATE: As of August 19, 2020, GSIS has suspended APIR online or otherwise. Here’s the advisory as posted in the GSIS website:

This means that pensioners are no longer required to submit their documents this 2020 and shall continue receiving their pension. Meanwhile, please follow the above suggestion about creating an online videoconferencing account to be used when the online APIR process will resume in 2021.

With the COVID pandemic going on and seniors being the most vulnerable, GSIS created a way for pensioners to renew their GSIS accounts online in order to continue receiving their monthly pension. This is in line with the guidelines of their Annual Pensioners’ Information Revalidation (APIR).

If you are a pensioner or a representative, you can submit your documents online. Here’s how:

A. Prepare the following:

1. Picture of the pensioner holding today’s newspaper. If a newspaper is not available, the pensioner can take a photo sitting or standing beside a television where the date is being displayed on the channel.

Whether with a newspaper or a TV, the date should be very visible on the photo.

2. Photo of the pensioner’s UMID ID, front and back. It should clearly show the pensioner’s image and signature on the ID. You can use the eCard Plus card or temporary card if the UMID ID is not available.

3. Letter of request for reactivation. Take a photo of this letter. Keep it as short as possible, and must contain the following:
Date of Request
– Complete Name of the Pensioner
Address of the Pensioner
– Age of the
– Contact number of the
Pensioner (or spouse or child if the pensioner doesn’t use a cellphone)
– Signature of the

B. Now that you have the above documents, send them as email attachments to the applicable GSIS office in your location, please see below.

– Make sure that the total size of your attachments is not more than 2MB, resize the images if they are too large.
– Make sure that the email address is correct, please refer to the below image.
– Based from the comments that I read online, Gmail works better than Yahoo, so I recommend using a Gmail email address to send the documents.

Here’s a sample email. I covered the details for privacy reasons.

Depending on the GSIS office where you sent it to, you may receive an acknowledgment email within 1-2 weeks. They will email or call you if they need to verify further.

If there are no issues with your documents, you will receive your pension after 1-2 weeks from the date that you received the acknowledgment email. Here’s the email that I received from GSIS Laoag two weeks after I sent them my parent’s documents:

Avoid sending them multiple emails as that will only add to the bulk of emails that they need to open and answer everyday. If you will not receive an email response after two weeks, you may contact them at:

For Calls within Metro Manila: (02) 8-847-4747

For International Calls: (632) 8-847-4747

For Provincial Calls: 1-800-8-847-4747 (for Globe subscribers)
or 1-800-10-8474747 (for Smart subscribers)