Recently, I have been receiving questions about the OFW direct hiring process for Professionals and Skilled workers. These questions are posted as comments in these related articles:

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Per Section 124 of the Exemption from the Ban on Direct Hiring, Professional and Skilled workers are exempted from the ban:

“2. Professionals and skilled workers with duly executed/authenticated contracts
containing terms and conditions over and above the standards set by the
POEA. The number of professional and skilled Overseas Filipino Workers hired
for the first time by the employer shall not exceed five (5). For the purpose of
determining the number, workers hired as a group shall be counted as one;”

However, the OEC processing for Professional and Skilled workers seem to confuse some applicants as they were told by the POEA that they do not handle the paperworks for this specific category.

I browsed the POEA website to check for any new updates or advisories regarding this, but I couldn’t find any. The published REVISED POEA RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE RECRUITMENT AND EMPLOYMENT OF LANDBASED OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS OF 2016 has not been replaced or amended:

Anyway, upon checking the Overseas Filipino Workers tab in the POEA website, it looks like the applicant’s documents need to be submitted to DOLE directly, based on this guideline:

This PDF document can be found here:

If I got it right, this means that applicants who are qualified under this exemption will have to submit their requirements to DOLE instead of POEA.

UPDATE: It looks like Professionals and Skilled workers are no longer part of the exemption, at least based on the accounts of applicants who’s been to the POEA office lately: These comments are posted HERE.

Anyone who went through this process this year (2018)? Care to share your experiences?

11 thoughts on “Direct Hiring OEC Process for Professional and Skilled Workers”

  1. Hello p.o. gusto kpo sanang kumoha ng bagong oec pano p.o. ba makakoha non

  2. Hello p.o. gusto kpo sanang kumoha ng bagong oec pano p.o. ba makakoha non

  3. Hello p.o. gusto kpo sanang mag appointments para sa oec ano date p.o. meron free kayo

  4. Tanong ko lang direct hire po ako and sadly d ako makakuha ng oec ..may return ticket ksi ako so pag dadaan sa agency masyado mtagal .panu b ang gagawin pra maexempt ,ksi same employer and and field of work din nmn ang bblikan ko ..naiba lang ang name ng shop nmin kea pindlaan ako ng bagong visa .panu kaya ang mgandang gawin ksi prehas din nmn ang bblikan bkit kailan p mag agency .

  5. Goodmorning po direct hire po ako europe country po kasali po ba sa mga exemp..? At anu po mga requirements to get an oec..? Sana po matulungan nyo ako..salamat po ng marami.

  6. Kramihan naman po n bnigay n agency hndi nagprocess my alam po b kau n iba pang agency n nag process ng direct hire

  7. For the said exemption in memorandum # 8 yung letter D. I think kasama sya sa exemption because it was signed last May 2018 and they can’t remove that even they said that only abc are allowed.
    I called the POEA hotline earlier and they said that they will review first my contract since upon checking my employer in Malaysia hired a total of 3 filipinos only.
    Because my concern is that why do we need to get an agency were in we can supply all the required documents to them.
    I worked hard to get that job and all of a sudden agency will take over and claim everything as if theyre the ones who provide the job.
    I actually consult one agency and I said that I will be needing some assistance on processing my requirements here in Manila but instead he send a qoute to my employer mentioning everything about accreditation. And managing to change the opportunity of mine for a direct hire to an agencty hire.
    I was upset and tell to my employer that I will first talk to POEA because we hit the exemption under letter D.

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