Yes, not today but this week! I know how hard it is to save money even if we actually have an idea on how to do it. Have you been saving and ended up spending it shortly after? I am exactly that. So I’ll go easy on myself and not pretend that I could do it right now. 

When I started this blog, I knew I will be needing to divulge information which I don’t normally share. I made the decision to carry on and talk about stuff that often involves little details about my personal finances. And since I am now on this topic of financial struggles, I thought I should blog about my plans to recover and free myself from the burdens of living from paycheck to paycheck.

Save now, coffee later!

I mentioned this to my friend while we were in a café yesterday. We laughed at the irony of talking about saving money while drinking expensive coffee. We both know that we are not savers and we are aware why; it’s right before our eyes. And so I said I should go take that painful steps in saving money, and document it in my blog. This is my introduction, and here are my plans.

1. Lessen my Uber and Grab trips.

“I am willing to pay for comfort”, that is my motto. But since I could barely afford that now, I thought I should start going back to the basics in terms of my commute to work. One trycicle ride, plus one jeepney ride.
Uber/Grab: Php100
Trycicle and Jeepney: Php17+8 = Php25
Savings: Php75

2. Brew my own coffee.

I’m not a Starbucks fan but I do drink coffee everyday. I buy them from either McDonald’s or Country Style which are both way cheaper compared to Starbucks. We have free coffee at the office but I don’t like it. I also just stopped drinking 3-in-1 coffees as they’re too sugary. Last month, my former boss gave me a bag of coffee all the way from Costa Rica, I am taking that as a sign that I should brew my own. I will need to buy a coffeemaker though.
McDonald’s Coffee: Php42
Country Style: Php50
My own brew: Free for now
Savings: I’ll put this at Php50

3. No Food Deliveries.

I love the convenience of having my food delivered to my place. There are three McDonald’s branches near me, each about 5-10 minute walk away. But I still prefer having my order delivered instead of going to any of these stores!

Savings on delivery fee: Php40

4. Speaking of food,

I spend a good Php2500-3000 a week on food! Worst, it is almost 100% fastfood. This will be very difficult but I think it’s time to learn my way around the kitchen.
Savings: I’ll aim for Php500 a week.

It is not gonna be easy so I am giving myself a chance to do this at least ONCE a week. My total savings for one week would be Php665. That is Php2,600 a month. Not bad! Successful or not, I will be posting an update next week. I wish myself the best of luck!


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