Whether you are wondering if you still have a loan balance or just want to find out if you can now renew your loan, calling SSS to verify or visiting one of their branches would be the best options. But if you have an online account, these information are just a few clicks away. If you do not have an online account yet, go to https://www.sss.gov.ph/ and register. Make sure that you are registering as a “Member” not as an “Employer. Also, use the latest version of Internet Explorer as some of the website functions do not work with other browsers.

Upon logging in, click on “E-SERVICES” and select “Apply for Salary Loan”. If you have an existing loan, the following message will appear:

From here, you can also check your loan balance and other details such as when the loan was submitted, your monthly amortization and the like. If you go to “Inquiry” you will find your profile details, and you can get a complete view of your total contribution along with your monthly premiums.

2 thoughts on “How to Know if You Have an Existing SSS Loan”

  1. bakit hindi ako maka loan online sa sss. na 2008 to 2020. 39k posted number ko. at nag inquire na ako dati sa july 2019. ang sabi sa taga sss office davao.pde nadaw ako maka loan. e bakit sa online. nag apply ako rejected daw ako.kase six months padaw kolang ang posted ko. plz help.i need money.tnx.

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