So last week, I started challenging myself about saving money. My plan was drafted in such a way that it would not be very difficult and forced. I will not pretend that I could start saving big because I did that for so many times in the past and I failed.

To recap, my plan included:

– Avoiding Grab or Uber at least once.
– Skip getting coffee from McDonald’s or Country Style.
– No food deliveries, less fast food.

Doing so would save me Php665 a week or Php2,600 a month.

So how did my first week go???

– I didn’t book Grab and Uber to work last Monday. I managed to take that one tricycle and jeepney ride instead! Which means I was able to save Php75.

– My co-worker treated me to Starbucks on Wednesday so I didn’t buy coffee for one day! I saved Php50. Now I will need to discipline myself to not buy coffee for at least a day next week, or pray that someone will treat me again. LOL.

– For the first time in many weeks, I did not order food online. I also started cooking (although all fried), so my breakfast and dinner were not the usual takeouts. Which means, I only spent food money on lunch. This is the tricky part because I figured I needed to factor in the money I spent for groceries. But I am confident that I was able to save more than my 500 peso target.

This means, I was able to save Php665 as planned! Now if I do this weekly, I will be saving Php2,600 every month. And if I will be able to put all my money saving tips and plans into regular practice, I’m sure I’d be able to save more! This is exciting!

Wish me luck in this journey. What money saving tips could you share?

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