If you are a direct hired OFW, and recently applied for an OEC, you can check if your name is already on the list of those whose clearances were approved. This list is available online. Go to the POEA website via the below link:


Note: These Notice Numbers get updated regularly and will definitely change every time you visit.

The page will show you the main directory of Notices, each number representing a group or batch of applicants with approved OECs. These Notices will open as a pdf file, and also include an instruction on how to claim your OEC.

Click on each of the Notices to find your name, you can make the indicated date as a reference. For example, if you applied in September or early October 2017, your name would probably be under Notice No. 336 if your clearance is approved:

Under this notice, the clearances were received by POEA from DOLE in October 30, 2017.

If your name is not on any of the lists and you want to check the status of your OEC application, you can contact POEA directly at 722-11-44 or 722-11-55.

4 thoughts on “Online: List of Direct Hires with DOLE Clearances or OEC”

    1. Hi Theresa,

      It depends on what job you are applying for. A licensed agency can provide you the list of complete requirements needed for that job.

  1. How get DOLE clearance for direct hire seafarer with new authenticated contract from Philippine embassy returning to the same employer and worksite? Thanks…

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