I think people should avoid Sagada during weekends and holidays. If these photos won’t convince you, then you may be one of the few who enjoy crowded tourist destinations.

Sea of clouds vs Sea of people

Visit Sagada during off-peak season, or weekdays if you can. This way, you get to appreciate the place more while continuing to help local businesses at the same time. Did you know that Sagada doesn’t allow outsiders to put up a business in their town? Which means every shop, café, and restaurant are locally owned (except for one diner which the locals are currently protesting against). This is the reason why I encourage everyone to never skimp on food while in Sagada. Besides, their food is really good!

I love Sagada, it reminds me of my hometown, sleepy and full of culture. However, I did not enjoy my last trip as much as I did six years ago. The town is just too crowded now, every vacant lot has turned into a parking lot, and seeing a “pay parking” sign makes me really sad. But I guess, that’s what progress is all about? I just hope that the local government will do something before it’s too late.

Learn more about Sagada before visiting, it’s not so hard to do research these days. Do not limit your knowledge about this town to what you saw in the movie. It is much more than the breathtaking sunrise or sea of clouds. And when you get there, don’t just admire but actually respect the culture, respect the raw beauty of nature and be an instrument in keeping it that way.

If I get to visit Sagada again, it would most probably on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyone who have experienced a less crowded Sagada lately?

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