If you have an irregular work schedule or if you work the night shift and you want to workout after your working hours, a 24-hour fitness gym could be the right place for you. While these “convenient gyms” are obviously more expensive than the others, it could be perfect for people whose schedules are a factor in choosing a gym.

Surge Fitness is one of the newest 24-hour gyms in the Philippines. So far, they only have two branches around Metro Manila, one along Shaw Boulevard in Pasig and the soon-to-open branch in MPlace at South Triangle in Quezon City.

What’s the membership fee of Surge Fitness? I got to talk to the staff manning their booth at MPlace and here’s a breakdown of their regular rate:

Start-up Fee: Php2,500 upon signing-up
Monthly Membership Fee: Php2,200 with a 12-month lock-in period

Their current promo which runs until their opening day (MPlace branch) is a free start-up fee, and a monthly membership fee of Php2,100 (also for a 12-month lock-in period).

Surge Fitness MPlace branch will open this August 2019.

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