How to Find a Niche for Your Blog

If you asked me this when I started blogging ten years ago, I wouldn’t know the answer. My blogs have always been categorized as “personal”, and having a niche never crossed my mind.

I started to consider putting up a niche blog when I learned about monetization. After all, who wouldn’t want to earn some extra cash from blogging? Everyone would be creating a blog and are making money out of it, if only the ways are easy! However, it requires a lot more than just a skill in writing and website developing.

Having a niche is one of the ways to attract an audience to your blog. An audience translates to traffic, and traffic (if high enough) may translate to profit. But with thousands or probably millions of blogs out there, finding a niche has become so difficult. All the major themes are taken and mostly so saturated.

Hence, this is an opportunity to get creative. In short, stop finding that niche, create it!

Enjoy the things you love, write about them later.

Start with your hobbies.

Avoid going “general”, break it down and go deeper to a more specific topic. I first decided to take photography as a niche. I was actively doing portrait and wedding photography at that time so I thought I should focus on those. However, I came across a major obstacle and that is not being able to translate my works into words. I ended up building an online photography portfolio and not a blog. So make sure that you decide on a topic which you know you could go on talking about for a long time, articles after articles.

Patronize your local businesses. They are always unique, literally makes for a unique content.


Go local.

My old blogspot blog is still up and although I don’t update it anymore, I still get views on posts where I talked about something local, like local resorts and transient houses (back when Airbnb is probably not even an idea yet). So in connection to your topic, you can share activities that are being held around your area which are related to it. If your theme is food, talk about the delicacies and the best restaurants in your town or city. Do not aspire to go national (or global) just yet. Focus on what you have around you, and be the online expert about them.

Beyond the horizon, are new beginnings, and endless possibilities.


Share your passion.

Some bloggers were just sharing their experiences when they started, and their blogs took off without even them knowing it. There’s just so much love and dedication when the subject is something you are very passionate about, and sharing it could be as rewarding. Talk about your passion, spread that positive energy, you will never know how much people you could inspire.

The big question now is, do you actually need a niche?

The answer depends on why you want to have one in the first place. If you want to make money blogging, then having a niche would be a great idea.

However, is the niche you are chosing profitable?

Not all blog niches are profitable. Profitable niches need traffic, and if in order to get traffic, your topics should revolve around things that people are Googling for.

In general, a good niche is that which provides solution. If people need something and they’re able to find that in your page, they will keep coming. And the chances for them to share your content is high.

So, go create your niche. Do not overthink. Keep it simple. Ask yourself why. Why this topic? Why do I want to do it? The answer to the “why?’ is the real intention behind your blogging. Make sure that that intention is positive and filled with love. That is the secret.

How to be a Part-Time Blogger?

Or how to earn from blogging part-time, you may ask. After all, who wouldn’t want to make money out of their favorite past time? A lot of bloggers are doing it as a hobby. Those who do it full-time make it as an income-generating activity. And a lot of them started doing it part-time, like me.

I still am a part-time blogger. I have a day job and I write and publish articles during my free time, which is often illusive. I can’t even blog full time during weekends because I am likely to spend Saturdays and Sundays in bed! But I still get to publish posts at least three times a week. How do I stay motivated? I follow a few rules. Read on.

There’s something about cafes. Why not coffee for a topic?

Blog when you can. For me, a lot of topics and ideas normally come when I am about to go to bed, so whenever my brain brings me an interesting topic, I would turn my laptop on and start writing. I don’t necessarily have to finish the article in that moment. I would just keep writing until I run out of words and stop right there. Instead of getting frustrated from being unable to finish the article, I would simply stop and spend my time proofreading my work, and publish when it is ready. It may take days or weeks, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that these topics are not forgotten.

It’s like being hungry, with ideas.

It is a hobby. At least at first, while you are not yet decided or ready to turn it into a full time business. Treat it as it is – just a hobby. This way, you only do it when you really want to. But just like any hobby, it doesn’t mean that you don’t take it seriously. You set aside time and effort for it. After all, hobbies are suppose to keep you entertained and happy. Your blog should give you that same vibe.

Make it a passion and keep it that way, you should be passionate at what you are doing. When you are, it will reflect on your content and your readers could see and feel that. Your posts are your investments and the higher the quality, the higher the returns. Cliche as it is, focus on the quality of your content. Good things will follow.

And don’t forget to take a sweet break.

These are not only applicable to part-time bloggers, but to everyone who wants to join the Blogosphere. I would say, begin with a clear purpose. If you are serious about monetizing your blog or make money out of it, you should know why you are doing it. Start by knowing your purpose as a blogger and how you are going to use this platform. Unfortunately, making money is not a purpose I would advise anyone to start from. Go deeper. Ask yourself – what kind of energy are you going to put out there in the world wide web through your blog? Are you going to spread love and positivity? What would you contribute? What is your message?

If you are a new blogger or if you have been here for awhile and want to start over, coming up with a clear purpose could be a very good way to start, again. Happy blogging!

Top 5 Best Food Delivery Services in Metro Manila

I still remember the first time I ordered food from the internet. It was late 2010 and McDonald’s online delivery site has just been launched in the Philippines. One time, I decided to give it a try out of curiosity and I was quite amazed that my food actually arrived. Since then, I have been a regular customer to fastfoods which have online ordering sites. I find this a lot more convenient compared to placing orders over the phone.

A few years later, we are now able to order through their apps. Here are my favorite online food delivery services here in Metro Manila.

5. Jollibee
Web: Yes
App: No

Jollibee followed McDo’s example later in 2011. My first try with them was not successful. I waited for almost an hour and when no one was calling to confirm my order, I decided to go to the nearest branch instead. You could tell I was craving for a Chicken Joy at that time. I was already at the store by the counter when a representative called me. Of course, I had to cancel my “online” order. To my surprised, they blocked my email address so I never get to order from them again until a few years later using a new email.

Nonetheless, I am still giving Jollibee a spot on my best list due to recent positive experiences.

4. Shakey’s
Web: Yes
App: Yes

I never had an issue with Shakey’s deliveries whether I am at home or at the office. I am giving them a higher rating than Jollibee because they have an app, and it is working. I still wonder why I never got myself a Shakey’s card though. 

3. Pizza Hut
Web: Yes

For some reason, Pizza Hut doesn’t have an app yet. But their service is quite impressive. A few months ago, my co-worker pre-ordered a pizza for his birthday. It didn’t arrive as scheduled so he called their hotline to follow up. They admitted it was their fault and had the food delivered for free!

2. Yellow CabWeb: Yes
App: No

While the waiting time is close to an hour, I like the fact that my pizza is always fresh and hot! I’ve had my orders delivered to different locations without problems – home, office, hotels. I can’t get enough of their Manhattan Meatlovers!

1. McDonald’sWeb: Yes
App: Yes

So what sets McDonald’s apart from the others? I’d say they have a seamless ordering process. First they confirm your order in a very timely manner, via sms and email. Second, they call you right away if say the store serving your area has ran out of cheese powders for your Shake-Shake fries, and then offer alternatives. Third, orders always arrive no longer than 30 minutes. Lastly, they respond to comments or complaints via emails sent through their online contact form. I have been their regular “online” customer since 2010!

And I am not surprised these are all fast foods! I tried those “healthy meal” delivery restaurants two years ago but their service is terrible, not to mention too expensive. Leave a comment if you share the same sentiments. Cheers!