I encountered this while processing my home loan documents with UnionBank. Since my sister (who is my co-borrower) is working in Canada, I needed to sign all the bank documents in her behalf (unless she actually wants to fly back here in Manila). As a requirement, we had to submit a Consularized Special Power of Attorney.

Unlike a regular Special Power of Attorney (SPA) where you only need a lawyer to notarize the papers, the Consularized SPA needs to be brought to the Philippine Embassy in the country where the person involved is located. For our case, my sister went to the Philippine Embassy in Vancouver. The process is quick and she was able to obtain the consularized SPA the same day. The SPA itself doesn’t need to be notarized, the officers inside the embassy will simply sign on it as witnesses, and is provided with a cover page with the consul’s signature and a red ribbon:

So, what do you need to bring when processing a Consularized Special Power of Attorney?

1. The SPA form itself. It doesn’t have to be notarized (rules may be different in other Philippine Embassies).

2. Your passport, and depending on rules of the Philippine Embassy in the country where you reside, you may need to bring an ID and additional documents. It is advisable that you call them first beforehand. You can go to ph.embassyinformation.com to lookup for contact information of Philippine Embassies worldwide.

29 thoughts on “What is a Consularized Special Power of Attorney”

  1. I have encountered like this as well from my bank in the Philippines who is asking me a consularized SPA. So now i am still waiting for the respond email from the embassy here, on what are the requirements and payments to obtain the SPA.

    1. Hi Donah,

      The form should come from the Philippines, and be consularized in Norway (that is assuming that the property is in the Philippines, and the buyer is in Norway).


    1. Hi Prince, ask you representative in the Philippines to sign the SPA, and send it to you. You then bring it to the Philippine Embassy in your location to get it authenticated/consularized.

  2. I need a consularized special power of attorney to collect documents in the Philippines. My representative (SPA) lives in the Philippines while I’m in Canada.

    1. Hi Amy, ask your representative to sign the SPA, and send you a copy. Then bring the document to the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General office near you.

  3. Nagpadala din ako ng consularized spa, pero bakit ayaw tanggapin Ng BiR??? Kailangan daw ipanotarize ko pa ung document. Ano masasabi nio dito? Salamat

    1. Hi Zoz,

      Baka ganun po ka-strict ang BIR? Depende rin kasi sa requirements nila, at kung anong klaseng document un. Pero medyo overkill ata na ang isang document ay consularized na ay notarized pa. 🙂

    1. Hi Chot,

      Sorry, I’m not sure po kung may ibang conditions pag seaman at on board. Pwede po siguro sya mag-inquire sa Philippine Embassy ng susunod na bansa na mapupuntahan nya.

  4. Sir ask ko lang po if yung anak ko from hawaii eh nagpadala ng SPA, sabi sa notary need po daw eh red ribbon… san po mag ppa red ribbon dito or sa hawaii? kukuha po kasi kami ng Barangay Protection Order para sa mga apo ko… salamat po…

  5. hi, un po bng spa na gling sa developer for home loan, once naibigy na po sa amin ung spa, dretso pdla na po ba un sa dubai or may mga kailngan pa po requirements bago ipadla? co-borrower po kasi ang brother ko na nasa dubai.. thank you..

  6. My brother will apply for a bank loan, and he wants me to be his co borrower, so he’s asking me to have a consularized SPA , but I’m here at taiwan..where can I get the SPA form..does the embassy provide such?

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