I encountered this while processing my home loan documents with UnionBank. Since my sister (who is my co-borrower) is working in Canada, I needed to sign all the bank documents in her behalf (unless she actually wants to fly back here in Manila). As a requirement, we had to submit a Consularized Special Power of Attorney.

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Unlike a regular Special Power of Attorney (SPA) where you only need a lawyer to notarize the papers, the Consularized SPA needs to be brought to the Philippine Embassy in the country where the person involved is located. For our case, my sister went to the Philippine Embassy in Vancouver.

The process is quick and she was able to obtain the consularized SPA the same day. The SPA itself doesn’t need to be notarized, the officers inside the embassy will simply sign on it as witnesses, and is provided with a cover page with the consul’s signature and a red ribbon:

So, what do you need to bring when processing a Consularized Special Power of Attorney?

1. The SPA form itself. It doesn’t have to be notarized (rules may be different in other Philippine Embassies).

2. Your passport, and depending on rules of the Philippine Embassy in the country where you reside, you may need to bring an ID and additional documents. It is advisable that you call them first beforehand. You can go to ph.embassyinformation.com to lookup for contact information of Philippine Embassies worldwide.

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  1. I have encountered like this as well from my bank in the Philippines who is asking me a consularized SPA. So now i am still waiting for the respond email from the embassy here, on what are the requirements and payments to obtain the SPA.

    1. Hi Donah,

      The form should come from the Philippines, and be consularized in Norway (that is assuming that the property is in the Philippines, and the buyer is in Norway).


  2. I need consularized special power of attorney, for claim of documents certification of registration in toyota financing.

    1. Hi Prince, ask you representative in the Philippines to sign the SPA, and send it to you. You then bring it to the Philippine Embassy in your location to get it authenticated/consularized.

      1. meron ho akong pinapaupahan na Apartment at motorcycle lane na matagal ng binakinabangan ng pamangkin ko, wala na ho akong tiwala sa kanya, itong october 2019 dapat ang collecta ng payment dahil nga sa nag kagalit may problema ako ngayo na sino ang magkokolet nuong rental payments. sabi SPA daw ang kailangan ko . pwede ko bang kunin yon dito sa Germany sa philippine consolate dito kasi ako nakatira . o duon pa sa philipinas manggagaling?

  3. I need a consularized special power of attorney to collect documents in the Philippines. My representative (SPA) lives in the Philippines while I’m in Canada.

    1. Hi Amy, ask your representative to sign the SPA, and send you a copy. Then bring the document to the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate General office near you.

  4. Nagpadala din ako ng consularized spa, pero bakit ayaw tanggapin Ng BiR??? Kailangan daw ipanotarize ko pa ung document. Ano masasabi nio dito? Salamat

    1. Hi Zoz,

      Baka ganun po ka-strict ang BIR? Depende rin kasi sa requirements nila, at kung anong klaseng document un. Pero medyo overkill ata na ang isang document ay consularized na ay notarized pa. 🙂

    1. Hi Chot,

      Sorry, I’m not sure po kung may ibang conditions pag seaman at on board. Pwede po siguro sya mag-inquire sa Philippine Embassy ng susunod na bansa na mapupuntahan nya.

  5. Sir ask ko lang po if yung anak ko from hawaii eh nagpadala ng SPA, sabi sa notary need po daw eh red ribbon… san po mag ppa red ribbon dito or sa hawaii? kukuha po kasi kami ng Barangay Protection Order para sa mga apo ko… salamat po…

  6. hi, un po bng spa na gling sa developer for home loan, once naibigy na po sa amin ung spa, dretso pdla na po ba un sa dubai or may mga kailngan pa po requirements bago ipadla? co-borrower po kasi ang brother ko na nasa dubai.. thank you..

  7. ask lang ??? magkano po ang magpa consularized sa phil.embassy gagamitin po sa house loan?? tnx

  8. My brother will apply for a bank loan, and he wants me to be his co borrower, so he’s asking me to have a consularized SPA , but I’m here at taiwan..where can I get the SPA form..does the embassy provide such?

    1. Hi Jelay,

      Yung SPA form po manggaling dapat sa bank dito sa Pinas. Madalas naman meron na sila template fill-out nyo na lang.

  9. Paano kaya sa seaman, saglit lng kmi s port at malalayo pa mga consulate, pwede b isend n lng thru email s consular?

  10. legal po ba ang na magbigay ang isang american cetizen sa isang pinoy na di na kailangan e consularize ang SPA kung dito sa pilipinas kukuha or gagawin ang SPA

  11. Hi na dormant dollar account ko sa RCBC nasa Canada asawa ko ung ibang bangko pwede ipa activate ng ako lang mag isa bkit sa rcbc pinapakuha pako ng consularized SPA ipapa red ribbon tapos send ko sa Canada sa misis ko tapos ibabalik ulit dto. Bkit pinapahirapan ako Para ma activate ko sarili Kong pera. Thanks

      1. Sir db po Naka cyncrhonize ung policy ng BSP sa lahat ng bangko kasi sir sobrang mahal ng aabutin may nagsasabi almost 20k pesos magagastos bago ma kumpleto lahat

          1. hi po. nagpadala ng consularized spa ang husband ko from washington dc, pero wala pong signature ang husband ko sa annexed document, doon lang sya nagpirma sa photo copy ng id nya na kasama ng document, sabi nya no need na daw ang signature nya kasi galing na ito mismo sa consul. ang tanong ko po, valid na po ito kahit wala syang pirma? bakit po may pirma ang vice consul kahit walang signature ang husband ko??

          2. Hi Jenny,

            Normally po, ung page ng SPA form lang mismo na may lines to be signed ang kailangan may signature. Pero kung may iba pang pages na ni-require ni bank na dapat pirmado, si bank po ang masusunod.

  12. I called the Philippine Consulate to consularized a document like SPA provided by the Union Bank of the Philippines. The form will be signed by my representative and mail it here in Toronto to be authenticated or consularized. The consulate officer told me that the SPA must be notarized first before bringing it over the Philippine Consulate. The SPA by the UBP is in their format with the Republic of the Philippines by the bottom part. I think my lawyer here won’t use that UBP form signed by my representative and notarize the SPA. How can that form be authenticated if it cannot be notarized by my lawyer here in Toronto. What is the best procedure when that SPA form in UBP format is not applicable for notarization here?

    1. Hi Marvin,

      Maybe the officer meant notarized in the Philippines, and not in Canada? Because neither Union Bank nor the Consulate officer required me to get my SPA notarized back when I processed mine. That was over a year ago, so the perhaps the process has changed. If so, you may need to work this out with the bank.

  13. NiLAGYAN NA PO NG RED RIBBON nd signed by the Vonsul YUNG SPA KO NA DINALA NG SISTER KO SA. Philippine EMBASSY sa Virginia pero hindi po nakanotarized. Ok na po ba yun.

  14. NiLAGYAN NA PO NG RED RIBBON and signed by the Consul YUNG SPA KO NA DINALA NG SISTER KO SA. Philippine EMBASSY sa Virginia pero hindi po nakanotarized. Ok na po ba yun.

    1. Hi Gloria,

      Basta po nilagyan ng red ribbon ok na po un as far as consularized SPA is concerned. Ask nyo na lang po siguro sa bank kung required pa nila na ng may notary.

  15. Hello,
    My boss, who is a Japanese, is planning to rent a unit here in the PH and is appointing me to sign it in behalf of him.
    I believe this needs an SPA. Does he need to have the SPA consularized in the PH Embassy in Japan?


    1. Yes po. On the other hand, baka hindi na kailangan ang consularized SPA kung rent since meron naman security deposit?

      1. Yes. I mean, we also paid 2 months worth for the security deposit and the rent is only good for one year too.
        I wanted to check and I am unsure where to inquire really.
        I was planning on just having it notarized only. The rent owner is okay with such an arrangement too. But I was unsure if it might not be binding.

        1. Also, from all my searches on how to go about this, almost all of the steps for consularization is done by Filipinos outside the country. Is it still required for non-Filipinos?

          1. Hi Chin, yes po. Kasi mga banks lang kadalasan nag-rerequire nun for loans where an OFW family member is a co-borrower.

        2. Kung ano po siguro ung requirement ni owner, then you will need to comply. Medyo overkill lang for me ang consularized SPA for a space rental kung meron ng security deposit and all.

  16. Hi po adk ko lng po kapag kumuha ba ako ng spa sa embassy ko sa dubai ee consularized na din po ba un??

  17. Hi, Sir!

    My mother is in the US. Her GSIS pension account is with Unionbank of the Philippines. Her ATM is up for replacement anytime soon, and UBP says by June, the old ATM will not be usable anymore. UBP advised making a consularized SPA so that I can be allowed to conduct transactions (especially claim her new ATM card) since she cannot come back yet. My question is: Is she the one who will make the SPA in the US and have it consularized there?
    Reading the comments above got me confused, as to who will make the SPA and where will it originate?

    1. Hi Myla,

      The SPA form will come from here (the Philippines). You may ask UnionBank if they have a template that you can use, otherwise, you may prepare one yourself. You sign that SPA form, send a copy to your mom in the US, and she’ll bring that to the consulate office (in the US) for authentication.

      I highly suggest that you show the form to UnionBank for approval first before sending it to your mom, para iwas hassle.

  18. hi good morning..just want to know your opinion.
    my husband’s atm card in the philippines is already outdated.PNB said that it needs to update and replace a new atm card.since the account is under my husband’s name..the bank ask for a CONSOLARIZED SPA..I just want to ask if the form will be provided by the bank in the.Philippines and send it here in Taiwan (we are both working here in Taiwan ) to notarized here or maybe we can do it here and notarized in MECO,Philippine Consulate here in Taiwan?..Thank you in advance

    1. I think it works either way for as long as your representative here in the Philippines also signs the form. I recommend that you consult PNB directly before taking actions to ensure that they will accept the document.

  19. Hi. Ano po pwede option sa consularized SPA. Ako kasi representative ng auntie ko sa USA in purchasing house and lot. Hindi mapa lagyan red ribbon kasi wala embassy sa Texas. Masyado Malayo pag pinuntahan. Ano po remedy dun? Salamat

  20. Hello po. Maghomeloan din po sana ang kapatid ko na nasa Canada sa GSIS through PBCOM. According po sa mga nabasa ko sa mga comments ang process po para makakuha ng consularized spa
    1. Kukuha po d2 sa Pilipinas ng SPA copy sa bank at pipirmahan ko po
    2. Ipapanotaryo d2
    3. Send sa canada ang SPA then dadalahin ng kapatid ko sa Phil embassy sa canada para maconsularized.
    Tama po ba ang steps? And how much po ang total ng nagastos nyo po and ng kapatid nyo sa SPA? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sayen,

      Tama po. Pero sa case namin, hindi na kilailangan ung step 2, kasi ung red ribbon na ang kapalit ng notary. Mga $20-30 CAD lang aabutin.

  21. Hello po, i have friend in Canada. Pinaaayos po nya sa akin yung pagpapared ribbon ng LTO license nya. Sa LTO ok na po yung simpleng authorization. But sa DFA po need ng notarized SPA and authenticated daw Phil. Embassy. Questions are: sa Phil. Embassy po ba sa Canada and pwede na po kaya iattached yung SPA via email? Thanks po😊

    1. Hello,

      I believe they require a hard copy po. Email the document to your contact in Canada, then sya na po mag-print bago dalhin sa PH Embassy. Nonetheless, your friend can contact them to check if they will accept the document via email.

  22. sir ely humihingi po si bank ng Consularized SPA gagamitin ko po sana sa convertion of vehicle from private to public transport ung father ko po ay nasa kuwait, paano po b ang process, kasi kumuha po ako ng SPA dito sa bulacan ang sabi nman sa akin kelangan daw andito ung father ko d daw kasi pwede ung non appearance… pwede po b na dun nalang sa kuwait embassy magpagawa ung father ng SPA tapos nka consularized n?

    1. Hi Julius,

      Mas ok po ata kung ikaw gagawa. Pipirmahan mo kasi un bago mo i-send sa father mo. Pwede rin naman sya gumawa dun sa Kuwait, pero kailangan nya din ipadala sau para mapirmahan mo, tas ibabalik mo ulit sa kanya. Bale kailangan kasi pirmado nyo pareho ung SPA bago dalhin sa PH Embassy.

      Kung may SPA ka na nakuha dyan sa Bulacan, i-email mo na lang sa father mo, print nya dun tas pwede na nya un gamitin for red ribbon. Pero I highly recommend na ipakita mo muna sa bank kung approved sa kanila ung content at format bago mo i-send para ndi kayo mag-uulit kung sakali. Iwas hassle at gastos.

        1. ay un ngya po pla sir ely ayaw kasi ako gawan ng SPA dto klngan nga daw po kasi andito din daw ung father ko, pwede po kaya na gayahin ko nlng format nila ” ung s mga luma ko nlng na SPA” tapos tsaka ko ipadala sa father ko? pwede po kya yon?

          1. Pwede rin. Medyo weird lang kasi madalas ung bank ang nagbibigay ng form. Pero for as long as may signature kayo pareho at tinanggap ng Embassy, ayos na un.

  23. un nga po sir tinanong ko sila kung may form sila ang sabi lng sa akin papuntahin ko daw father ko sa embassy sa kuwait at alam na daw sa embassy yun basta sabihin lng daw na iaauthorized ako ng tatay ko na mag ayos ng mga papers at kung ano ang kelangan sa banko…
    maraming salamat po sir ely. GB!

  24. Hello poh ask q lang poh if may ideapoh kau kung mag kano pah SPA sa dubai ng pagibig housing loan. ThNks

  25. is a consularized SPA needed to sell property in the Philippines for the heirs (US citizens) of the estate?

  26. sir. agent po ako. may kukuha ng carloan . need nya consularize . kase commonlaw lng sila on board kase ung lalaki. need nila consularize need ba tlaga ung red ribbon ? thanks

    1. Hi Cedrick,

      Depende po yan sa requirement ni bank. Pero kung wala sa Pinas yug dapat pipirma sa mga docs, need talaga ng red ribbon.

      1. Hi Sir,
        May nakuha akong house sa Cavite, now they asked me to consularized SPA here in China. They provide the form already.
        Thank you so much!

  27. Tatanung lng ako san b nakakakuha ng form ng spa gagamitin ko lng pag kuha ng cheque at papaincash ko n din .sa ate ko un na nsa japan nirefund nmin sa condo need konpa dw ng cspa..nalilito lng ako first ko kc sa mga ganyan

  28. good day po sir…ask ko lng po…san po ba pwd magpagawa ng consularized SPA..Andto po kc ako sa korea…at nid po kunin ung title ng bahay at lupa na nabili ko sa pinas…

    1. Try niyo po sir sa PH embassy dyan sa Korea. Dalhin niyo lang po ung document na nag-aauthorize sa representative nyo sa Pinas na mag-claim nung title ng property niyo. Kayo po gagawa nun at dapat pirmado niyong pareho nung representative nyo bago dalhin sa embassy.

      1. bale sir ung authorization ako po gagawa then dpat pirmado napo namin nung taong inaauthorize ko bago ko po dalhin sa PH embassy.? eh ung consularize spa sir..sa PH embassy po ba manggagaling yun?? thank u po sa pag reply..

        1. Tama po. Bale ung SPA form, un na din ung authorization. Kasi naka-indicate na dun na you are authorizing someone to sign documents on your behalf. Pag dinala un sa PH embassy, sila na bahala kung ano ggawin, mag-attach sila ng document na may red ribbon, seal, signatures nila, etc…

  29. Hi,

    I just encountered your writing. Question, what it is just a business trip. My husband kasi is employed in a japanese company at pinadala sila sa japan for 3 years but technically they are still employed here. How do I get a consularized SPA for him. Or do I need to get one?

    1. I think the same process is applicable. Do you need to get one? Depende po kung san niyo gagamitin; if it’s for a home loan, they would most probably require the consularized SPA if your husband’s signature is needed sa loan application. Pero kung nakakapag-bakasyon naman husband mo, baka pwede i-timing na lang ang pirhaman sa next vacation niya. That way, hindi nyo na klangan ng SPA.

  30. Hi po tanong ko lang pwede ba e consularized yung hindi nka pag sign ang SPA dahil yong form was sent via email, pro nka indicate naman na lahat ng details atsaka yung borrower will be the one sign., saka na lang mag sign ang spa kapag nka balik na yung consularized copy.

  31. Hello po, ask lang po ako. The bank gave me an spa form for car loan. I am the borrower, then my co maker is my mother. Since my mother is married to a japanese man. They gave me an spa to notarized there in japan. Bakit po kelangan ng spa, eh ang mother ko ay nandito sa pinas, while her husband is in japan? Pls answer me. Thanks po.

    1. Hi Bella,

      Ang alam ko po ay pag legally married ang isang borrower or co-borrower, automatic co-borrower din ung spouse. Kaya siguro need ng SPA for your mother’s husband. Pwede po kayo kumunsulta sa lawyer kung pwede yun magawan ng paraan.

  32. Hi
    Question, we applied for an auto loan, here in PH, I’m the borrower than my mom is the co-borrower who is in the states & already a US citizen, and she will be the one who will pay the expenses for our loan. The bank is asking to have the SPA Consularized. Is that common or normal po? Why they cant accept just a notarized SPA? Why do we have to consularized it if my mom is already a citizen? Coz the problem is the PH embassy or a Consular Office location is Far from her location, she needs to drive for 2 hours to get it consularized. Can we just give a notarized SPA? Or it really needs to be consularized? And our knowledge consularized documents is only for OFWs? Thanks! Were confused coz we know it doesnt have to be consularized how about when we pay the vehicle in cash? Thank you again need your advice! Have a great day

    1. Hi Laura,

      Yes po, it’s a standard process that banks are following. Other countries have this in place too, and is applicable when the borrower/signatory is in a different country whether he/she is a citizen, worker, or simply travelling. Unfortunately, I don’t think banks give exemptions when comes to this requirement so paying it in cash is a good alternative because then, you can just act as the sole buyer and your mom need NOT to sign any documents. Kailangan lang naman po to pag may pipirmahan sya, hindi kasi recognized as legal document ung notarized SPA kung nasa ibang bansa ung pipirma.

      1. Ahh okay po, yes thats what were thinking to do na lang to make it easier, okay po! Thank you so much and for your fast feedback.

  33. Sent my Notarized and Authenticated SPA to be consularized (if there such a word consularized) in Phlippines Consulate here in Calgary. I have sent the papers together with my contact info, payment check and returning package. It’s been almost two weeks and they have not yet started sending my papers back to me. Wonder if you know how long I would wait in vain? thanks in advanced! Cheers!

  34. Ang notarized special power of attorney ay pwede na kung walang kunsulado sa bansang pinagtatrabahuhan kung walang consularized spa para magamit ng anak ko?

  35. Paano po pag seaman at onboard pa? Approved naman ang car loan kaso Hinahanapan ako ng CSPA paano po ang steps na gagawin ko? Salamat sir!

    1. Hi Jay r,

      Sorry, di ko po alam process pag seaman. Ang alam ko lang, nag-aapply sila pag nakabakasyon sa Pinas para sila mirmo pipirma ng loan documents at di na kailangan ng SPA.

  36. good morning sir Ely, ask ko lang kung pwede ilagay sa SPA as common law wife ako ng asawa ko since di kami married..may ipapadala ako SPA sa Australia para consularized. i notary kaya ng consul yun kung di naman kami kasal? may ibebenta kasi sya house and lot under his name at ako ang aayos sa lahat. tnx

  37. Sir Ely, question lang kasi po pinadalan kami ng email,

    ‘Kindly print on long bond and sign on all pages of the attached SPA (Ms. ***** will also sign on all pages).
    Once signed, please have it consularized.’

    but theres no sign from my SPA yet? Need ba na SPA muna mag print then sign nya po? tapos padala sakin, sign ko, then send it back to pinas ganun ba? Or sa Bansa na kung nasan ako dun na pp notary and authenticate. Salamat po sa sasagot 🙏

    1. Dapat po may signature na si representative nyo dun sa SPA form bago mo ipa-authenticate sa PH Embassy. Pwede naman pirmahan nya then scan and email na lang. Then you print and sign.

        1. Authenticate lng po. Bale un po ang equivalent ng notary kung nasa Pinas kau. Pwede nyo po kontakin ang Ph Embassy sa Kuwait kung applicable ung process sa inyo, baka kasi iba ang proseso nila dyan.

  38. Hello po. Need po ba na may pumirma sa witness sa SPA form? Hindi po kase tinanggap ng bank dapat daw po may pirma. Consularized naman po yung SPA and wala naman pong sinabi ang consule about dun sa witness na part nung nagpaSPA po ako.

  39. I’m a US citizen residing in Michigan. My husband who was a Filipino citizen passed away recently. I want to give my son SPA to be able to do the following things on my behalf:
    1) Retrieve all my official NSO records
    2) Transfer the property deed to my son
    3) Transfer my claim to my husband’s Social Security pension to my son
    4) Open a bank account in my name in the Philippines
    My question is: Will I need separate SPAs to accomplish all of the above objectives?

    1. Hi Rose,

      I hate to say this, but yes, you need will separate SPA for each. Unless the bank/institution require a specific format, you can use one template and simply change the reason or purpose of the SPA. Or perhaps a lawyer could help you prepare a SPA for all purposes, maybe that will work.

  40. bakit ganun naka red ribbon na un binigay na SPA sa akin ng father ko kasi nasa US sya ako pinag aayos nya to get the new ATM…. ssbe pa rin ng bank need nag signature ng Papa ko sa mga forms…. ending pinadala ko na ule sa kanya mga forms then after signing all the form need ko pa ipa certified sa DFA lahat ng papers…. ATM lang naman pinapapalitan… ganun po ba talaga?

  41. Hi Ely,
    Good day! My concern is, i will have a home loan here in the philippines and I am the principal borrower, my husband who is an american citizen will be the co borrower,according to bank I need a SPA.. Am I right? the SPA will be sent to him in the US and he will have it apostilled ( no longer called consularized ) does he have to go to Philippines COnsular office near his place or can he just go to their Apostille-issuing authority of the State of Maine, who is the Maine State Treasurer.
    This is what I read: https://newyorkpcg.org/our-services/legal-and-notarial

  42. Hi Ely,
    Im selling my property in the Phil., my status is canadian citizen, im appointing my sister in law in the Phil. to be my atty-in-fact. Do i need to get SPA notarized by Philippine consulate in Canada or i can get it notarized with any law firm that do notary?

  43. Hi sir!! Kumuha ako na bahay sa pag ibig !!wala po ba problema kapag ang gawin Kong SPA ay ang agent mismo ng bahay na kinuha KO ? Slamat po!!

    1. Pwede po pero hindi po recommended. Remember, the agent will have control over the documents once in-authorized mo siyang pumirma, so that’s a risk.

  44. Hello, may tanong po ako paano kukuha ng red ribbon Special Power of Attorney dito sa Florida. Kelangan ko bigyan ng SPA yong cousin ko para sa pagbenta ng bahay. Bale ang cousin ko ang pipirma on my behalf sa mga transaction. Pwedi ba ako gagawa ng SPA modified version sa format ng embassy? Kelangan ba pirmahan muna ng cousin ko yong SPA tapos ipa-consularized ko dito sa embassy ng Miami? Anong ID ba kelangan ipakita during sa pagpa-consularized sa embassy? Need advise po. Maraming salamat.

      1. Hello po, I would like to ask po sana about Consularized SPA.

        Nakahold po kasi pera ko sa BPI. And they want to verify yung address ko sa PH (which is address ng ate ko since dun na ako nagstay nung umuwi ako) pero nasa Netherlands po ako now. Nagsend po kasi sila ng Thank You Letter and I was not there nor my sister kasi nasa province sila for vacation, so wala pong nakatanggap ng Thank You Letter. They told mo to send a consularized SPA na nakastate yung address ko sa PH and iregister mail ko daw dun sa address din. Dito ko na ba kukunin yun sa PH embassy sa NL? wala naman kasing binigay ang BPI na anything.

        Thank you po.

        1. Yes po. Dyan nyo po kukunin sa Netherlands. Kayo po gagawa pero kung gusto nyo pong makasiguro, pwede nyo ipa-approve muna ung format at content sa BPI bago nyo dalhin sa embassy. Pwede rin kayo magtanong sa BPI baka meron na sila ganung template. Baka kasi na-accomplish at napadala nyo na’t lahat may kulang pa pala sa info, uulit po kayo.

  45. Hi, I am living here in the Netherlands, with German citizenship, and I need a SPA for my niece who is living in the Phils.Do I have to ask a notary here in the Netherlands to make the SPA or can a notary in the Phils. make it for me and let legalised by the Phil. Embassy.
    I need your advice.

  46. Good pm po, Paano po makakakuha ng consularized SPA ngayong panahon ng pandemic at paano po ang onlinetransaction sa mga Philippine embassy. Thanks! Godbless!

  47. Tungkol po ito sa Pension ng nanay ko na nakatira na po ngaun sa US. Sabi po kaze ng Landbank dito klangan ng Consularized SPA, paano po sila makaka apply non kahit pandemic, sabi po kaze nila hindi daw po bukas ang mga embassy.. 0ano po gawin sa OL.. Thank you. GODBLESS..

  48. Magttanung lng po sna Anu po pede kng ilgay n content s SPA po n kukunin ko po kapg magpapabloter po aq nndto po aq ngaun s Israel nsa pinas po ung ipapablotter ko po thank u po?

  49. Pwede pa bang mabago ang cosularized na SPA? Example dadagdagan lang ng specific power or authority ang representative?

    Thank you

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