My friend asked me to blog about my review on the Grab Platinum Membership. What do you get as a Platinum Grabber?

Let’s see. According to Grab, Platinum members are entitled to:

I earned my Platinum membership two months ago and I never really experienced any of the perks mentioned above. In fact, I am rarely getting promo codes anymore when they use to come in almost a weekly basis.

I do not see any changes when I book so the “priority booking” doesn’t seem to be true. Rush hour or not, you get the same waiting time as everyone else, and at the same fare rate. Grab will show you more Partners Rewards basically because you have earned enough points to purchase them. I haven’t had any big issues so far, so I haven’t tried their Platinum Support Line yet.

The good thing is, I earned over 8000 points which I am now using to purchase Php50 off promo every time I book a ride. Overall, you don’t really get much by becoming a Gold or Platinum member, nothing to be excited about.

I hope that didn’t disappoint you. Are you a Grab Platinum member? Correct me if my observations are wrong. 

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