Is blogging still a thing in the Philippines?

It used to be just an online journal for many. My first encounter of a blog was through Friendster when it introduced blogging as one of its features back in its heyday. It was around 2003 or 2004, and I didn’t even know what a blog was. All I know is that it needs me to write, and I find that exciting.

I got introduced to WordPress and Blogger in 2007, and I chose the latter as it was simpler and was a popular choice for beginners. I believe that blogging in the Philippines reached its peaked around these years. There was this sense of community amongst Bloggers and everyone was actually connecting with everybody. We were each other’s audience, visiting each other’s blog and leaving comments along with our “x-links” requests.

Before we knew it, blog monetization has become a thing. Everyone started signing up for Adsense, and were publishing paid posts. If PPP, PayU2Blog, and Blogsvertise sound familiar to you, it means you have been in the Blogosphere for at least a decade!

But all these paid posts started disappearing during the 2008 economic crisis. And in 2009, almost everyone has migrated to Twitter and Facebook, and coined the term microblogging.

The simple hobbyist had a choice to either leave or adapt to the changes. One could bring their articles to Facebook or maintain their blog and earn from it. For most new bloggers, and still surviving old bloggers, their reason to stay is monetary. Needless to say, the new generation of Bloggers gave this online platform a new name.

So, is blogging still a thing in the Philippines? The answer is a resounding YES! Regardless of your view about it, blogs will continue to dominate your search engines. In fact, the Philippine Blogosphere is enjoying its millions of potential audiences, most of which are very active and more importantly, scattered all over the globe. There’s no denying that the Filipino online presence is very strong that not only local bloggers are taking advantage of it, foreign bloggers (who are mostly vloggers) have started to take notice too!

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