Monarc Tower Fan Review

Other than the reviews in their website, and Lazada and Shopee stores, I couldn’t find any other review for this product online so I decided to make one. It is probably because it is fairly new as they only released this in early 2021 based on their store purchase history.

So I will go straight to the point – here’s my review of the Monarc Tower Fan.


I got this during the Lazada 11.11 sale for only Php2500. Yes, this is very cheap for a tower fan; the regular price is Php3990 as of December 2021.

Delivery and Packaging

I placed the order on a Saturday and it arrived on the following Tuesday. The packaging is good although they could have secured it more. I feel like simply wrapping the box with a bubble wrap isn’t enough knowing that couriers are just tossing these around.


It’s pretty easy to assemble. The manual says it should have 7 screws but I only got 4. The 3 missing screws are meant to secure the stand, but I can do away with it. I think it will work for as long as I don’t keep moving the unit. I can also buy the screws if I need to.

Look and Feel

Alright, I bought this primarily because of the color and design. It is slim and black and white, why can’t all tower fans look like this?

From a far, it does have that expensive look but you will quickly know it is not up close. This is made of plastic and in fact, putting together the stand is like assembling a toy.

At 4-feet tall, it is not heavy at all, you can carry it with one hand. It is wobbly so placing it in a corner is probably the best option. It does wobble a bit when in oscillation.

It is more quite than your standard fan although the difference is not very significant. It has this high-pitch buzzing sound which I find a little discomforting. It also emitted a plastic smell that lasted for 4 days.

Overall Quality

As you would expect, this is not of high quality. I have an electric fan that still functions very well after 4 years so I decided to keep it as a backup just in case.

The Monarc Tower Fan has three modes – normal, natural, and sleep. I find it weird that the fan stops every 2-3 seconds when in natural or sleep modes. I contacted Monarc via their Lazada store and Facebook page and they confirmed this to be true for these features. I wish they had these information printed in the manual that came with it.

What is even weirder is it responds to my TV remote control. It would beep, and turn on and off when I’m adjusting my TV volume or scrolling through YouTube or Netflix.

The ion function does turn on although I couldn’t really tell if it is working.


I recommend this if you just want an affordable tower fan for the basic purpose. The fan speed is good for small spaces and especially if you prefer the breezy feel over a full blast fan. Aesthetically, it looks a lot better than most tower fans available in the market.

I won’t recommend it if you’re looking for a high-functioning fan. I also do not think that this is safe when there are kids playing around. It is very lightweight and given it’s height and slim design, it can be toppled very easily.

UnionBank Get Go Debit Card Replacement

If your UnionBank Get Go Debit card is expiring, getting it replaced is actually very easy. Just go to any UnionBank branch and ask for a replacement.

  1. Present a valid ID. You will be required to fill-out two forms for the request and release of a replacement card.
  2. The waiting time is less than 10 minutes. The bank will keep your old card and will be replaced with the new Go Rewards card.
  3. Does your card number remains the same? Yes.
Image from UnionBank

Aside from the new look, everything is the same except for the validity period. It went from five years to six years.

How to Recreate an Scandinavian Interior for your House or Condo

The Scandinavian style, as the name implies, is an adaptation of the interiors of most houses in Scandinavian countries – Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

Overall, it is associated to an all-white walls, light wood furniture, and some indoor plants. They needed bright rooms to make their houses warmer especially during winter, and they bring in the outdoors through plants that can survive inside. Their furniture are often of light wood color, defined by simple, clean lines.

Such simplicity coupled with functionality is the main reason why IKEA is often the source of everything Scandinavian. IKEA was founded in Sweden, so it is legit Scandinavian.

For a typical Filipino home, we seldom see white walls. We don’t need bright rooms with lots of sunlight because we do not want to let in more heat to our already very hot environment. But if we want to create an Scandinavian vibe in our homes, there are ways on how to achieve that.

1. Paint your walls white. That is the first obvious step. If a washed-out wall makes you feel sad, you can always add colors later on using furniture and accessories. Light gray will also be an option if you do not want every wall to be white.

2. Light wood. Raise your hand if you have a dark wood furniture in your homes. We have abundance of trees in the Philippines (or at least we use to), and our folks loved their Narras and Mahoganys.

But an Scandinavian furniture, if not white, is light wood. Furniture made of Pine wood is close.

3. Simple lines. Think IKEA again, an Scandinavian furniture doesn’t have lots of ornate or patterns. It’s very minimalist but functional, like they’ve been practicing “Less is More” way before the concept was even articulated.

4. Plants. Thankfully, it is not very difficult to grow plants in the Philippines. Most indoor plants are native to tropical, humid surroundings which is what our weather is like. Your green plants, when viewed over a white background that is your wall, look fresh.

5. Colors. Yes, you can add colors. If you’re used to living with yellow, beige, pink, blue, or green walls and suddenly turned them to white, choose your favorite colors when decorating. But limit those colors to your curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and other accessories. Remember to keep things minimal.

6. Go Tropical-Scandinavian. If you really can’t help it, a Tropical-Scandinavian theme could be what you’re looking for. Being in a tropical country, this is like a Pinoy and Scandinavian style combined.

Bamboo, rattan, some dark wood, and other furniture and decors that are very Filipino will work with your white walls.

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How to Apply for an LTO Student-Driver’s Permit

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get an LTO student driver permit this 2021.

  1. Take a 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) either via LTO directly, or from any accredited driving school. At this point, you will be required to present your PSA Birth Certificate.

    Depending on the driving school, you may need to reserve a slot anywhere between one week and up to one month in advance. The waiting time is of course longer when taking this in LTO.

    How much does a TDC cost? This is free in LTO, but if you decided to enroll in a driving school, it normally costs around Php2300 in Metro Manila.

  2. The TDC lasts for 15 hours and often scheduled for 3 days at 5hours per day. During those days, you will be required to take and pass an exam:

    Day 1: 50 Questions where the passing score is 40.
    Day 2: 30 Questions where you need to get at least 24 right answers.
    Day 3: You need to get 80 correct answers out of the 100 Questions.

    Depending on the driving school, you may need to retake the exams if you fail but not after re-attending the specific session where you failed.

  3. After passing all the exams, you will be given a certificate. The driving school will also be sending a copy of this certificate to LTO.

  4. With your certificate on hand, go to any LTO office to take their medical. You’ll be charged with Php480 for this procedure (as of 2021). You will be given two copies of your medical certificate, both valid for 60 days.

  5. Upon passing and submitting all your requirements, your picture will be taken. You will be asked to double-check all your details before your student permit gets printed and released.

Depending on the branch, the entire process only takes less than an hour.

Overall, expect to spend:
PSA Birth Certificate – Php330
TDC – Php2,300 (if taken via a driving school, this vary between driving schools). If you want it free, take your TDC directly from LTO.
Medical – Php480
Certificate – Php317.63

TOTAL – Php3,427.63 (or Php1127.63 if you did not enroll in a driving school for the TDC)

What your Online SSS Loan Application Status Means

If you’ve recently applied for a loan via the SSS portal, you will see the status of your application when you click on the “Inquiry” menu and select “Loans Info”.

Upon approval of your loan application, the status will appear as:

  1. DISBURSEMENT THRU THE BANK – E” – for Encoding.
  2. DISBURSEMENT THRU THE BANK – Q” – Qualified and is ready for approval. Encoding to approval normally takes 1-2 business days.

This means that the fund is still being disbursed to your bank. It is still in process and it will take 10-15 business days before it will reflect in your bank account.

From my experience, the disbursement took exactly 15 business days. My application was approved on January 15 and the amount was credited to my bank account on February 5.

Renewing your Passport During this Pandemic

My passport is expiring next year so while travelling is still difficult for the next few more months, I decided to renew it in time for a the possible re-opening of international tourism in hopefully – 2021.

I booked my appointment online in October 5 and picked DFA Ali Mall branch in Cubao, the same branch where I had my passport renewed in 2016. Slots are open as early as 2 weeks from the time that I was booking. I thought things will be easier in late November so I selected November 25.

Of course, nothing has change in the span of 7 weeks. But here are some tips in case you are also renewing your passport this 2020 or 2021.

  • Don’t be too early. Arriving 15-30 minutes before your appointment is good enough.

    My appointment was 11AM and I was there at around 10:15AM. Several people who were schedule for 10AM are still queuing at 10:45AM. They let us join the line at 10:55AM. Depending on the queue inside, only 3-5 people are allowed to enter at once.

  • Have your passport photocopied on an A4 bond paper, just the front page of your passport (the page containing your photo and personal details) is needed.

    I heard some branches also require a photocopy of the page of your emergency contact, I also prepared that but Ali Mall branch did not take it. Having this photocopies ready makes your transaction faster as you won’t have to fall in line in the photocopying area.

  • Print your appointment forms on an A4 bond paper. Make sure that you are printing two (2) copies of the electronic receipt, also in A4.

And here are the steps:

  1. The guard on duty will be distributing a health declaration form. You will have enough time to fill this out while falling in line. He/she will also be checking your documents to ensure that it’s complete.

  2. Upon entering, the Step 1 window is right next to the entrance. Present your documents for further checking. This is where you will be asked for the passport photocopy; she will direct you to the photocopy area if needed. Else, you’re ready for Step 2.

  3. Step 2 is just another round of verification. It will be quick and easy for as long as your documents and record have no discrepancies. I was done in a minute although I waited in line for around 10 minutes.

  4. Step 3, encoding, is the longest part. This is where your photo gets taken. Good luck if there are babies or toddlers before you; it would take some time before they could get a perfect shot. The waiting time is around 15-30 minutes.

    A piece of paper will be attached to your receipt. This contains the email address which you could contact for follow-ups. You will also be given a tentative date of the release of your passport.

  5. If you opt for a delivery, proceed to the courier window. I do not trust deliveries during this time so I preferred to pick it up myself.

    Overall, I was inside the DFA office for a good 45 minutes. I wasn’t as difficult as I thought. Social distancing is being observed although you’ll need to watch for people who still doesn’t understand the concept, and consciously keep your distance from them.

    Good luck on your passport renewal appointment. Just enjoy the experience!

How to Setup a Home Office in your Bedroom

Even if the world will go back to normal, or to the new normal, working from home will still continue for most of us. We might still need our improvised home office setups that we built in an instant so why not make it permanent (or semi-permanent)?

We are lucky to have been given this opportunity during these times, so let’s make our desks work for us. Here’s how I built my home office setup near my bed.

1. Start with the most important element – the desk. Two years ago, I already had this Ikea Micke desk at home. It was small and fits perfectly next to my bed and in this corner where it used to be:

It is quite heavy but I was able to move it around. Last year, I moved it to my living area:

There are a lot of desks being sold online already. Make sure to measure your space first, and always ask for the dimension of the table – its height, width, and length. You don’t want to get a table that is either too big or too small.

Also consider the quality of the table, at the very least it shouldn’t be shaky.

2. Next is the chair. Get one that is very comfortable. You will be sitting on that chair all day so comfort comes first before aesthetic. From March to April, I’ve moved my table around my unit because my chair wasn’t made for long hours of sitting.

When deliveries became available in mid-April, I ordered this gaming chair from Facebook. The reviews say it is already cheap for a gaming chair but Php5000 for a chair is already expensive for me. Nonetheless, I am after the high back because I have back problems. The regular, high back office chairs are being sold at around the same price so this one works just fine.

Yes, it is alright to spend on a comfortable chair. That is your work place so it is more of a necessity than a mere “want” at this point. I would say a chair with a sturdy back support is the minimum requirement. You can use pillows and even blanket for comfort.

3. The space. Where in your house are you going to work? If you live alone, you have the freedom to move your desk setup wherever you want. But if there are other people in your house, you need eight solid hours of privacy. Most of us do not have a dedicated room for an office setup so our bedrooms is it!

How do you setup a work space near your bed (to make sure you won’t end up sleeping at work)?!

They say, one shouldn’t bring their work in the bedroom but if that is our best option, there are ways to define the sleeping and working spaces separately.

4. Use a rug. Either your bed and your desk gets a rug, or both. The rug will create that visual effect that tells your brain: this is where you work and that is where you sleep.

I chose this low-pile rug from AllHome. I have a rolling chair so I didn’t want to ruin my floor, and these chairs best rolls on a low-pile rug. Thankfully they are cheaper and I found just the right size for the entire area of my workspace for Php1300.

5. Layout. Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to lay them out! This is the most fun part. When setting up, consider the following:

Electrical outlet: there should be outlets under your table, and avoid using extensions unless it’s a surge protector. Also you don’t want your chair or your feet getting tangled with any cable.

Door and windows: if possible, position your table and chair so that you have a full view of your door when seated. Your back against any door is not recommended. If you need to be on video calls, consider a background that doesn’t look messy. Choose a plain wall if you have no time or means to create a nice background.

You can position your desk to face the window if you have a nice view. You want to be looking at something nice or inspiring when working, and a distracting view will not help.

6. Partition. I never thought I would be doing this layout in my bedroom until I realized I could use plants as “partition”. I didn’t want to use a real divider to obscure the view of my bed from where I’m seated. I experimented by placing my plants between my table and my bed. I was surprised that it actually works. I never had that my-bed-is-inviting-me feeling because my plants are giving me all the right energy.

7. Final touches. As mentioned above, you want to be as inspired as possible while working at your home office. Put the things that remind you of happy times on display – pictures, trophies, medals, travel memorabilia. Of course we don’t want clutter, so make this as minimal as possible.

Once you found the right place and setup, try it for at least a week. Observe if you are getting the right mood out of it then apply small changes as you go. You can repaint the walls if you want, like what I did to the huge post behind me. My unit is all white so this black background literally separates this area from the rest of the space.

For more topics like this, follow me on Instagram and see how my home office setup (and all the spaces in my condo) have evolved and will continue to evolve.

How to Renew your GSIS Pension Online – APIR

UPDATE: As of December 29, 2020, GSIS has changed the process. Here’s the advisory as posted in the GSIS website:

Click on this link for the list of phone numbers and email addresses:

The above advisory can be found in the GSIS website:

Home Improvement on a Budget for an SMDC Condo Unit


I figured I will turn this into a series of posts and this is Part I. Since I started several topics on real estate and budgeting, I decided to also share how my home improvement journey whilst saving money and paying off my loans.

After a year of living in my bare, unfurnished condo unit, I still didn’t save up enough money to start the renovation that I planned when I moved-in. I resorted to applying for a personal loan, and I got Citibank‘s approval within three days.

I got a bit too excited so I went ahead and I started with a budget of Php100K. From reading different blogs and inquiring from several contractors on Facebook, I already had an idea on what I could get with this amount. I first started by listing down what I wanted.

I knew I had to be realistic, so I ended up crossing out some “wants” from my list. When I asked for a quote from a contractor, I was disappointed (but not surprised) when he confirmed that my budget can only cover the following:

Overhead cabinet – Php16,800
Counter cabinet – Php15,000
Display cabinet – Php8,400
Closet – Php28,000
Partition wall – Php14,000
Repaint – Php14,000

TOTAL – Php96,200

This is a 2018 quotation so add around 5%-10% if you are reading this in 2020.

I originally planned to dismantle a portion of my kitchen countertop, but because I did not want to pay for the construction bond, I ditched the idea. That means we had to install cabinets on that part which have added more to the costs.

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And because everything was prefabricated and the scope of work was only described as “installation”, we also had to get rid of the repainting job.

I shelled out Php100,000 in total.

If you are planning to have your condo unit renovated, always include the construction bond in your budget. The bond normally ranges from Php20,000 to Php50,000 depending on the scope of work. This was not part of my budget so we had to make sure that everything is done in a day; the building Engineer did not approve more than that unless I pay the construction bond.

Here are some tips when looking for a contractor to renovate your condo with a very tight budget:

1. Check for contractors who have already done construction works preferably in other units in your complex. Their familiarity with how the process works in your building would be a big help. They would often post photos of their projects on Facebook and you could find them there when searching for the name of your building or residence.

2. Ask for a quote. Majority would ask for your budget so be upfront about that. Contractors would want to “adjust” to your budget. Note that lower costs would not only mean smaller work scope but cheaper materials as well.

3. Look for sample works, it’s very easy to find them on social media these days. Check for customer feedback or comments. If you cannot find them on Facebook, they are either just starting up which is not bad, or they are so hide-end that you can only speak to them by appointment.

4. Prioritize. Write down everything that you want and need along with their approximate costs. Then slowly remove the ones that you could let go for now until what is left meets your budget. In my case, I removed the drop ceiling and pin lights from my list.

Moving on, here are some before and after photos of my unit after the minor renovation:No full bedroom photo yet until I get a new bed. 🙂

Hiding half of the exposed beam with a customized cabinet was my first requirement. I might turn the other half in to a TV stand slash accent wall.
I originally wanted to get rid of the protruding end of the kitchen countertop, but I did not want to pay any fee to the building admin so we kept it. Thankfully, I like the finished product.
Almost a full view of my unit. I’m having my dining set customized and won’t be delivered until the end of next month, I’m using my old table for now. Lots of work to be done in my living room too.

So, I have all white walls and ceilings. I see them as a blank canvass which I’ll be working on for the next few months. This will put to test whatever is left of what I learned from my Architecture days. I started with basic furnishing, and I went all Scandinavian with my choices.

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How a Secured Credit Card Helped me Improve my Credit Standing

While the Philippines has no established credit scoring system yet, banks have a way of checking if you have a a good credit standing or not. They can see if you have unpaid credit card debts or loans which will greatly affect their decision when you apply for a bank loan of any kind.

So, what to do if you have an unpaid credit card debt? Call your bank and come to an agreement on how to settle your debt. I have shared my experience in a previous post.

How to Get a Clearance for your Credit Card

Getting a secured credit card is a good option.

But it will take awhile for your name to get cleared from the “black list”, a term coined to refer to a shared database where records of unpaid credit card debts and loans are being kept.

With a secured credit card on hand, you will have to prove to the banks that you are already capable of managing your finances. You will need to of course use it but with extreme caution so that you won’t end up accumulating debt again as you did in the past.

It will take about a year or two before other banks will notice you. Within this time, you may start receiving emails or text messages from agents offering you loans or even credit cards. This is one of the signs that you are now slowly gaining back their confidence.

Be very careful about these offers though. I personally never entertained them at first. I did not need another credit card nor I have a huge reason to apply for a bank loan yet.

After almost two years, I eventually tried applying for a personal loan.

Citibank approved my application and not only did I received the money that I needed, it came with a credit card too!

It’s safe to say that I was able to re-gain our local banks’ trust after many years of having a bad credit standing.

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