If you decided to stop paying your credit card, and have been receiving calls regularly, chances are your record has been passed on to a credit card debt collector. From what I know, banks would turn over (or sell) your record to a third-party collector after a month.

If you happen to be reading this and your latest due date has not passed one month yet, save yourself some trouble by contacting your bank immediately and ask for a remedial or amnesty. You could be very honest about your financial status and be ready to negotiate nicely. This option is so much better than receiving endless calls and letters with threats later on.
In my case, I avoided these debt collectors for six years. I was only renting so changing an address was easy. I also got a new mobile number although I did not deactivate the old one which every now and then receives calls from unknown numbers. Of course, I never answered.

In September 2016, upon the suggestion of BPI where I applied for a home loan, I contacted HSBC. This was a last resort as BPI nor any other bank, will not consider my loan application unless I submit a clearance. I was so hesitant that it actually took my agents months to convince me to do it.

I went through my old emails and found my credit card number. I then called their hotline and upon giving them my information, I was transferred to their Recovery Department. Basically, I stated my case and expressed my willingness to settle. It was not as difficult as I thought, no lawyers, no subpoenas, no court orders! Don’t believe the credit card debt collectors. Here’s what happened during and after the call:

  • The Credit Risk Management representative whom I spoke with was very nice. During the call I learned that my total balance including interests that have accumulated in the past six years is now at Php120,000+.
  • I said I don’t have that much money and asked if we could deduct all the interest.
  • She came up with Php35,000. I couldn’t remember my exact total balance from six years ago, it must have been around Php25,000 (without interest) so I was okay with the offer. I thought it was fair and reasonable for a 6-year old debt.
  • I agreed to meet up with the representative at the lobby of HSBC in Taguig, near St. Luke’s. We went straight to the deposit machine and she had me fill-out the deposit slip myself. We deposited the money and I kept the receipt from the machine. She then asked me to sign the clearance and handed me my copy. I checked all the details and confirmed everything to be correct. I went on and took several pictures of the clearance to make sure I have soft copies.

What a relief!It was quite an experience, literally liberating. I will no longer be afraid to answer calls from unknown numbers. I can now change my Jobstreet and LinkedIn profile settings to “public”. Most of all, I can now continue with my home loan application with BPI!

If you have the same problem, and don’t want to settle with rude credit card debt collectors, call your bank. Be nice.

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  1. Hi sir, would you mine sending me the name of vice president of recoveries? I think my certificate of full payment is fake. They we’re sent to me by the collection agency and its bear a different signature. Thank you

    1. Is this for HSBC? If yes, you can contact them at 976-7100 to verify. You can also request for a certificate directly from them. They should be able to check if the payment has actually been made through the debt collecting agency.

  2. Hi I have a Metrobank cc since 2016 and was endorsed to debt colectors wd balance of 91k to include d services etc. But amnesty payment is only 50k to b paid for 12 mos. I was wondering, urs is 120k for 6yrs and only paid 35k. Maybe f I go to metrobank, I cud possibly get lower than 50 bcoz I only have it for less than a year. Is dat possible?

    1. Hi Megs,

      Yes, you can try calling your bank and know your options. I couldn’t assure you that they will offer something that’s similar to what HSBC gave me, but it won’t hurt to try. Besides, I’d rather be paying the bank directly than the debt collectors, if I were you.

      1. Hi,

        Me too, I just settled my 2 year outstanding credit card balance in eastwest.
        My outstanding balance is around 68,000 but they offered me only 12,800.
        Its better to settle directly with the bank than from the collections agencies.

  3. Hi! I would like to know if the bank approved your housing loan after you submit a clearance? Thank you

  4. gd pm, today i recently called 2 telephone numbers for the HSBC recovery team to request a soft copy of my certification of full payment. The payment was made april or may 2012, but nobody answers the call. the numbers are (02) 5818346 and 5817843. I need a copy of certification for my new application of credit card. Can you help me to get another number or may be a cellphone number for reliable communication. thank you.

    1. Hi! I have the same problem with you nobody answers my call to the telephone nos they have given. Have you already talked to them?

  5. Hi! I would like to know how long did it take you to get your certificate? Starting from calling to negotiate? Did it only take a day? Or more?

    1. Hi Krissy,

      Kaliwaan po. Kung klan ka makakabayad, dun ibibigay ung certificate. If you can accomplish and settle everything within the day, pwede naman.

      1. hi do you have an email add of hsbc collectio department. i already paid in full my debts last 2010 but i didnt received the certificate of full payment. thank you

  6. hi good morning, I am one of your customer before & I already settled all my account. Can I ask a Certificate of Full Payment for the reason that I will use the document as soon as possible. here is my email add .

    thank you so much & God bless.

  7. Good Day Sir, I’m in the same situation right now and will settle with HSBC Philippines, can you give me the contact details of the person who assist you.
    Thank you very much.


  8. How long will it take me to apply for another credit card or apply for a personal loan after paying a full payment in my credit card?

  9. I have a credit card back 2009 and avail the amnesty of their 3rd party collection agent, unfortunately i lost the certificate give to me back 10 yrs ago. I tried to contact the collection company but cannot be reach anymore. Where can i get another copy of my Certification?


      1. The bank is HSBC ive been contacting the recovery team no answer at all. I already emailed them but up to now no reply

  10. Hi Sir,

    Mine is a recent case, my outstanding balance was only 3,400 that mount up to 10,560 now after calling BDO. This is purely just a missed, but I’m very much willing to settle this immediately. Which particular department can I reach out to get a cretificate of full payment?

  11. Hi, I have contract From EWB for restructuring my card account with 32k from os balance of 22k. May form po sila na nakaindicate ang other cards/loan details. Okay lang po ba na di ko na lang ilagay? At possible din po ba na makita nila na may other loan ako from other banks if di ko po ilagay yun sa form? Thank you po.

    1. Good morning po,
      Standard chartered po ako may utang last 2016. Nabili na po pala sila ni eastwest bank. Kahapon someone calling me sa isang number ko na hindi ko alam paano nya nakuha, frm Primealliance recovery mngt to pay may debt from 829k kasama tubo down to 150k po nlang po ang babayaran ko. Masyado po parin malaki lalo po ngaun pandemic nakafloating po ako. If ever san po ako better makipag coordinate sa banko parin po ba para makahingi pa po ako ng lower na offer para ma clear na po sana ang pangalan ko? Salamat po

        1. I am in the process of requesting a certificate of full payment sa EastWest bank and sobrag hirap nila i reachout. I’ve settled and closed my account 9 years ago and until now wala pa rin akong narinig from them. Gaano katagal mag provide si EastWest ng certificate?

  12. Hi. I am currently applying for IDRP. I have 5 credit cards and all of them accumulated a huge debt over the last year. I am very nervous but I am hoping I can pay off all my debt in the next 5 years (or longer). If my application is with CCAP IDRP and not with just one bank, do u think I can still negotiate lower payments? Lumaki kasi ang balances ko for each card because of interest rates over the last year, installments and also because I was only paying off minimum amounts for each card – which is really not wise. Looking for guidance)advice.

    1. I’m not sure kung pano process for IDRP but it looks like the negotiation will be coursed through them. I’m assuming it will not be as low as when you connect directly with your banks, but if they can help you settle your debts then I think it’s a good option. You can find some info here if you haven’t read this yet: http://www.ccap.net.ph/?p=623

    2. Hello can you help me i also have my debt at eastwest i just to know the details how you apply idrp program?

  13. Hi. Today I received this message from Debt collector maybe.
    Attn: Ms. Sheena *********

    Your last payment posted was last January 27, 2019 amounting Php2,021.00 nothing follows and despite repeated demand for payment on the said account it remains unpaid, we already gave you ample time to arranged this matter but no response from you. Hence, we are giving you 2 days from today to settle your VISA CLASSIC account in Full amounting PHP111,161.93 at any Bdo Branches. Otherwise, we will pursue a legal action against you under Republic Act Rule 3 Section 4 wherein your spouse will be included as mandatory party Dependant in Civil Case if case filed against you. Hoping your positive response regarding this matter. For inquiries you may call at 8240-9678 and look for Ms. Grace Neric to assist you.

    Thank you
    Alexis Molaer law offices

    -Im so scared right now. I can’t pay them because I am still unemployed. I already explained it to 3 of their agents but they keep calling me as in everyday.
    What will I do? Can you please help me. My total bill was 75k but due to interest and attorney’s fee it became 111k.
    Im still trying to find a new job so that I can pay them but they keep messaging me.

  14. Hello. I have a problem. Recently I got a HIT from NBI. I dont know yet what could be that HIT.

    Last 2016 i stopped paying may METROBANK credit card and my Smart Postpaid Plan. Is that possible that it will appear on my NBI ?

    Thank you

  15. Hi Po sa admin.ask lang po ako, I same situation but i already pay a full payment.My question is aside from certificate of full payment pwedi pa po ba maka hingi sa bank ng official receipt? and how can i assure that Certificate is true and not fake,i pay may dept through collection agent but i personally pay in the through may account number,Thank you

    1. I’m not sure if other banks will provide a receipt but the certificate should be valid. You’ll know it is legit because you will contact the bank and claim it from them. Your contact person (from the bank) will hand the certificate to you inside the bank’s premises at hindi meetup sa kung saan-saan lang.

  16. Hi Ely! Just curious, have you tried to apply for a new credit card after you got the bank clearance from HSBC? If so, is it on the same bank or another bank? Also, did you get approved? I hope you don’t mind me asking. Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi Ely,

    Thank you for sharing this. I settled my Citibank credit card via Collectius (Collection Firm) and I requested for a certificate but I was a bit confused because it is computer generated with no signature and the one who issued is Collectius and not the bank itself. I guess my question is if I paid via Collection Firm will my certificate be issued by their firm or should be from the bank? Should it be signed?

    1. By the collection firm. You can try asking if CitiBank will give you a clearance though. Yes, it should be signed – please see image in the post.

    2. I am actually in this dilemma whether to settle my 10-yr old debt with Citibank or with the collection agency. I recently contacted Citibank and the agents gave me different advises as to how I should settle my debt. Two agents indicated that I should settle with the CA and the other two suggested I pay directly to the bank (with the principal amt due). I am confused as to where the cert of full payment be retrieved—from Citibank or from the CA? Which is better, settling with the bank or with CA?

    3. Hi Chris Paz, may I know if you negotiated with Collectius in terms of the amount to be settled? Where they helpful or caused more trouble?.. I am hesitant having to settle my Citibank debt with them because I’d rather deal with the bank. But Citibank seems inconsistent with the advise given to me. I actually wanted to talk to a collection officer but always end up with their agents. So every time I call them, I am dealing with different agents. Which kind of frustrating as compared to my experience with HSBC, I was only dealing with one person who is consistent with the advise and I was able to settle it in a day.

  18. Good morning po,
    Standard chartered po ako may utang last 2016. Nabili na po pala sila ni eastwest bank. Kahapon someone calling me sa isang number ko na hindi ko alam paano nya nakuha, frm Primealliance recovery mngt to pay may debt from 829k kasama tubo down to 150k po nlang po ang babayaran ko. Masyado po parin malaki lalo po ngaun pandemic nakafloating po ako. If ever san po ako better makipag coordinate sa banko parin po ba para makahingi pa po ako ng lower na offer para ma clear na po sana ang pangalan ko? Salamat po

  19. Thank you for this info. I was able to settle my 10-yr old debt with HSBC just today. At first, I was hesitant to call them because I have a special case kasi I could no longer remember my credit card number since all SOAs and letters (from collection agencies) were all thrown away. I finally decided to call the number you posted and I was referred to a different number to handle my case since my card defaulted last 2009/2010. The person whom I’ve talked to was very nice. My 10-11yr old debt amounting to Php 191,250.03 will be settled by having to pay the principal amount of Php 29, 400. I did not hesitate since I was willing to settle my debt. I was asked to deposit the amount (thru bank transfers, I did mine thru GCash) and I am awaiting my certificate of full payment to be mailed to me after the posting of my payment. I asked her some of my concerns regarding having to apply for bank loans, new credit cards, etc. and she was very helpful. She explained to me how my name was tagged in the blacklist (CIC) and it will remain there (probably forever), however with the full payment of my debt, my name will not disappear from the list but it will be tagged as having settled the dues. Hence, it is very important to have a certificate of full payment for future transactions.

      1. Thank you. It is quite liberating to settle debts which were results of irresponsible finance handling years ago. It is a learning experience.

    1. Hello how many days before you received your clearance.I just paid my debt this Saturday and sent the slip copies to recoveries

    2. Hello, just wanted to ask if you already received your certificate?
      I have the same problem with HSBC. The third party collector sent me a final notice to settle the unpaid amount, otherwise, they’ll file legal action. However, I’m not confident dealing with them but rather coordinate to the bank. Hopefully, will have everything settled.

    3. Hi J,

      Like you, I also have the same problem with HSBC. I received a letter from CA (Alexis Molaer Law Office) indicating that it’s the final notice to settle the unpaid amount or be sued under RA 8484.

      After reading this article and your experience, it gave me hope and courage to directly talk to the bank and have the issue resolved rather than deal with the CA. After all the worries they gave me, I refused to deal with them to spare myself from further stress especially this pandemic.

  20. But on all these applications, did you require to pay the appraisal fee of the property? I have been trying to banks but because my husband has negative records I got denied by BDO. 🙁 thanks for this it was helpful.

  21. Hi, can anyone give me the numbers for east west bank collection department? Or contact numbers direct to east west bank? Mine was like more than a decade ago but now that I need to make a car loan its hindering approval. I hope anyone direct from the bank can see this. Thank you.

  22. Thank you very much for the article. But here’s what I want to say, I was so that I did not pay my debt for a long time and did not interact with collection agencies in any way, and I decided to call the bank myself and solve my problems. To which the bank refused to help me, said that my debt was sold and I should solve this problem with the collectors. A very unpleasant experience.

  23. Hi Sir Ely,
    I’m writing this comment to let you know that I called HSBC and finally settled my CC debt. Para akong nabunutan ng tinik and I’m very thankful sa advise and to others na nagcomment sa pagshare niyo ng experiences.

    At first, I was referred to the CA but I told them that I’m not confident dealing with the CA and I still can’t afford the amount they’re offering so I opted to contact the bank for more reasonable amount. The HSBC person finally agreed na i-settle ko siya with the bank. They gave me instructions and clearance will be given 7-15 days after providing proof of payment.

    Will send them the proof of payment before the end of the month and looking forward na makalaya na ako sa utang ko sa kanila.

  24. Hi Sir Ely,

    Whenever I tried to call the banks customer service, I’m always being told that the account is now being handled by a collection agency… Is there are direct number to the bank where I could talk to them directly? Lagi nila ako nire-redirect sa collection agency eh. Thank you!

  25. Hi, sa may default sa standard chartered bank, ano po ginawa nyo. the last billing i have with them is 2011, ngayon lang uli tumatawag from aiqon unicorp daw

  26. Hello po. Can i get may certification of settlement?
    How to request please help me?

    Thank you!
    Marife A.Mapalo

  27. Where should i settle my cc debt to collection agency or direct s bank?i called security bank pro nililipat nla ko s collection agency..

  28. I have no credit cards and my wife doesn’t either. I know that comes with challenges when we’re ready to buy a house so I want another system that can have a standardized rating system that tracks rental history, utility payments, etc but for EVERYONE to be on this system and forcing every bank and agency to use it seems dystopian.

  29. Hi. Hoping to help me,, i been sending emails to PNB and call there hotline number and there were no respomse from them.. I want to have my certification of full.payment from my credit card which i pay in full from the year 2016 and i told them that i lost all my details from that card, i want to ask i they can trace my account through my names? And what should i do in that concerns. Thank you.. Please help me.

  30. this topic is very lively and in demand. It is very difficult to get a credit card with a bad history, my friend got into an unpleasant situation in his youth, now he suffers (Fortunately, after reading, he became the happy owner of a credit card))

  31. Hello,
    I already settled my payment BPI CC last December 2021.
    I checked my online Account my CC account still the account still active.
    I would like to us if possible ba na ma reactivate ulit yung Card ko?

    Thanks po

  32. Can i still request for a certificate even if its way back 2008, the amount was fully paid last 2008 but i was not able to request the certificate

  33. Hi, i also would like to request for full payment certification sa BDO. Anong department po ako magrerequest – recovery?? Credir card?? Salamat po sa makakasagot.

  34. Hello everyone! I’m glad I found this blog. I am facing the same dilemma now. My husband and I recently applied for an Auto-Loan, and I am the primary borrower. We’ve submitted applications to 3 banks. The 1st bank was PS Bank, but it got declined. 2nd was Eastwest Bank but tagged us “uncontactable.” 3rd came BPI, and their process is speedy, unlike the previous banks. The next day after completing the CI, our agent informed us that the AO who handled our application saw 31,000 past due under our names. At first, I was in denial and kept mum about it. I knew what it was and didn’t confide in my husband

    I had an Eastwest credit card last 2019 that I got issues with paying, which I already settled way back in 2020 but wasn’t able to request a clearance. I thought the records would fall off right away and never be traced. My husband informed our agent that we have credit cards under his name, and we never had any past dues. Days passed; we never heard any update, but it wasn’t tagged as declined as per our agent. Just yesterday, my husband decided to visit the BPI branch to know our status. Fortunately, one bank rep entertained and explained that the 31,100 past due is holding back our application, and we needed to settle and request a certificate of clearance. As we exited the bank premise, I laid all my cards to my husband, and he was upset after finding it out. I was super anxious and desperate to speak to an Eastwest rep and settle the 31,100 but was referred to the recovery department. After 3 hours of waiting, I received a call from the recovery department, and thankfully they were able to trace the payment last 2020 and gave me an email address to request the certificate. Hopefully, she will respond promptly for us to submit the certificate to BPI. I learned my lessons and promised myself to take care of my finances. Praying that the clearance is our ticket for approval and will receive a CONGRATULATION in the coming days.

      1. Thank you so much Ely! This blog is really really helpful. Keep writing and sharing. Go less you 🙏

  35. Hi I just want to share my experience as well. Medyo problematic din ako since pandemic happened. Bakit malaki yung binayaran ko or dapat po ba nag request po ako na mas lower?

    CItibank – From 92k down to 49k
    BPI – 150k to 84K
    RCBC – 120- 71K

    I am still waiting po sa mga clearances.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Baka malaki po ung original balance when you stopped paying? Say balance mo sa Citibank is 40K na naging 92K because of interests, pwedeng ung 40K lang i-request mo na bayaran. I think they won’t accept anything lower.

  36. Hello Sir Ely,

    Thank you for the enlightenment on this. I have an outstanding balance of 110k (including penalties), my question is, even if they provided me the agreed amount to be settled, can I pay this monthly? I honestly don’t have enough funds to shell out the agreed amount immediately. Os this possible? Because I think the safest that I could pay is at least 3 to 5k a month. Your response is very appreciated. Thank you!

    1. What was the original balance without penalties? I think paying what you spent without interests would be easier to negotiate versus an installment. I could be wrong though, so you can always ask this from your bank.

      1. It’s around 86k something. I really hope i could do this in installments, I don’t have that much cash to shell out

  37. Hi, i have a defaulted card with BPI in 2020 during pandemic. Right after the 60 days grace period, i was not able to pay the full amount. They sent me an email in July 2020 ” stating my total due and this “As a way to ease the financial burden of paying your credit card balance, we are offering you a Payment Assistance Program (PAP). Kindly call collections ( department number) or send an email to (email address) with subject: ‘Payment Assistance Program C18’ for guidance. We urge you to contact us to keep your account in good credit standing.” I contacted them right away thru email following their instructions but no reply, phones only ringing. I sent several follow up emails and finally replied after more than a month informing me that my account is already handled by the CA and that i should contact them for any concerns, i did send emails to the CA and since it was pandemic, i cant afford to pay the full amount as they requested. I asked to restructure but they asked to settle like 30 to 50% and i cannot afford it that time because i have no work. I kept on calling the collection department and email them to restructure on my capacity to pay but they replied after 2 months and again informed me that my account is being handled by another CA. I tried to pay less than the total amount due but with the finance charge it kept getting bigger until all my loans became due and demandable – this is what im trying to avoid that is why i contacted them as early as possible. Now CA has been calling me and i tell them i cannot comply with the amount they required. I tried to go to the bank but they can no longer assist me once my account is handled by the CA, same with their customer service. Anyone here who has the same concern, maybe you have a direct contact with BPI collections or has experienced to settle directly with the bank just like HSBC.

  38. Who can help me, i’m overseas and need to contact citibank, but i could get to speak with an agent as it is automated answering machine.

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