UPDATE: As of December 29, 2020, GSIS has changed the process. Here’s the advisory as posted in the GSIS website:

Click on this link for the list of phone numbers and email addresses:

The above advisory can be found in the GSIS website: https://www.gsis.gov.ph/gsis-urges-pensioners-to-report-online-in-2021/

14 thoughts on “How to Renew your GSIS Pension Online – APIR”

  1. Dear GSIS team.
    May I humbly follow up the request for activation of the pension card of my mother. We send already the requirements, dated July 22,2020, IDs, request letter, picture with updated date n beside in tv.

    Hoping for your quick revert.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, please contact the applicable GSIS office via the correct email address indicated above. Please also avoid posting your mother’s personal information online (I delete those from your comment).

  2. Hi! my name is Anna. My mother’s birth month is October and she usually travel from NY to Manila, Philippines to renew her GSIS pension. However, due to COVID she is unable to do it. Can I help her renew it on line? What email address can I submit the requirements? Are all the requirements photos? What do you mean by UMID ID. Thank you for your prompt reply on this matter. It was greatly appreciated.
    What website shall I write that was shown below? I don’t have a website, just email.

    1. Hello, the renewal process is suspended until the end of December. Please see the advisory in the post. The details are hidden but the UMID ID is also in the post, you can Google “UMID ID” for more examples.

  3. Hi,

    I received an email from Benedick De Leon asking if we are available now (Jan 5, 2021) at 11:45 pm Canada time and i would say, it was 10:45 am Manila time. It was a surprised receiving that email considering my mother’s birthdate is nowhere near January. I replied to that email, not sure if it was a scam, though the email address seems legit : De Leon, Benedick C. and have not received any reply. Any thoughts on this?

    Anyway, we will be calling in prior to my mother’s birthday to ensure she continues to receive her monthly pension.

    Thank you.

  4. My mother who is the pensioner is already 91 years old, celebrated her bday last March, upon checking her monthly pension thru bank atm machines I’ve noticed that since Feb til April she did not received her pension. I’ve already sent SMS of her info but there was no reply at all. What’s the next step so my mother would continue to get her pensions

  5. My sister has an appointment on April 30 2021 at 9:00AM (Manila Time) and it must be around 6:00 PM Los Angeles California time on April 29, 2021. Confirmation No. 040 -220 -2100 -0016. She lives around 1 mile away from me. She is retired Teacher in the Philippines and now renting a room with a Filipino Family. She has no computer and cannot drive. So I have to pick her up to renew her ARAS. She didn’t receive her pension last March 2021. She is much worried now. With all of this situation We need your kind and favorable action in regards to this matter. My email is Rchucruz93@gmail.com.

  6. Mabuhay!
    I am curious if anyone has had experience this year 2021, where monthly payment to survivorship benefits was suspended? The APIR for mine is forthcoming as my birth month has not happened yet. I understand APIR was waived in 2020 due to the pandemic. If anyone experienced the same, please reply and advise which steps you have taken to get this resolved. D

  7. GWAPS kiosk at Robinson Metroeast is not functioning. Please attend to it soonest because senior pensioners in the area are so dismayed. It has been so for a long period now according to the detailed guard.

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