Other than the reviews in their website, and Lazada and Shopee stores, I couldn’t find any other review for this product online so I decided to make one. It is probably because it is fairly new as they only released this in early 2021 based on their store purchase history.

So I will go straight to the point – here’s my review of the Monarc Tower Fan.


I got this during the Lazada 11.11 sale for only Php2500. Yes, this is very cheap for a tower fan; the regular price is Php3990 as of December 2021.

Delivery and Packaging

I placed the order on a Saturday and it arrived on the following Tuesday. The packaging is good although they could have secured it more. I feel like simply wrapping the box with a bubble wrap isn’t enough knowing that couriers are just tossing these around.


It’s pretty easy to assemble. The manual says it should have 7 screws but I only got 4. The 3 missing screws are meant to secure the stand, but I can do away with it. I think it will work for as long as I don’t keep moving the unit. I can also buy the screws if I need to.

Look and Feel

Alright, I bought this primarily because of the color and design. It is slim and black and white, why can’t all tower fans look like this?

From a far, it does have that expensive look but you will quickly know it is not up close. This is made of plastic and in fact, putting together the stand is like assembling a toy.

At 4-feet tall, it is not heavy at all, you can carry it with one hand. It is wobbly so placing it in a corner is probably the best option. It does wobble a bit when in oscillation.

It is more quite than your standard fan although the difference is not very significant. It has this high-pitch buzzing sound which I find a little discomforting. It also emitted a plastic smell that lasted for 4 days.

Overall Quality

As you would expect, this is not of high quality. I have an electric fan that still functions very well after 4 years so I decided to keep it as a backup just in case.

The Monarc Tower Fan has three modes – normal, natural, and sleep. I find it weird that the fan stops every 2-3 seconds when in natural or sleep modes. I contacted Monarc via their Lazada store and Facebook page and they confirmed this to be true for these features. I wish they had these information printed in the manual that came with it.

What is even weirder is it responds to my TV remote control. It would beep, and turn on and off when I’m adjusting my TV volume or scrolling through YouTube or Netflix.

The ion function does turn on although I couldn’t really tell if it is working.


I recommend this if you just want an affordable tower fan for the basic purpose. The fan speed is good for small spaces and especially if you prefer the breezy feel over a full blast fan. Aesthetically, it looks a lot better than most tower fans available in the market.

I won’t recommend it if you’re looking for a high-functioning fan. I also do not think that this is safe when there are kids playing around. It is very lightweight and given it’s height and slim design, it can be toppled very easily.

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