If you’ve recently applied for a loan via the SSS portal, you will see the status of your application when you click on the “Inquiry” menu and select “Loans Info”.

Upon approval of your loan application, the status will appear as:

  1. DISBURSEMENT THRU THE BANK – E” – for Encoding.
  2. DISBURSEMENT THRU THE BANK – Q” – Qualified and is ready for approval. Encoding to approval normally takes 1-2 business days.

This means that the fund is still being disbursed to your bank. It is still in process and it will take 10-15 business days before it will reflect in your bank account.

From my experience, the disbursement took exactly 15 business days. My application was approved on January 15 and the amount was credited to my bank account on February 5.

19 thoughts on “What your Online SSS Loan Application Status Means”

    1. it says on sss that it should only take 3-5 banking days for the money to be available on the bank acct

  1. good morning, where is my pending calamity loan that was approved on nov 24, how do I know when it will go into my bank account, my loan has been approved, then they said they will email me why it is taking so long

  2. that means that your loan application was not approved by your employer. you should notify your employer once your loan application was approved by the sss. if your loan application was expired then you have to redo the steps in applying loan and then inform your employer that you apply a loan from sss so that they can approve it in their system and the sss will process your loan for disbursing.

  3. What will be the indication that the money is already credited on the account? Is there any txt messages or email when its already on your account??

  4. What does it mean if the status is “For Processing Center Approval”? Is my disbursement account enrollment successful? Was it approved?

  5. Hi my fathers death claim status is “in-process”whta does it mean? Its been a month and we dont know if its already disbursed to my grandmothers account..

  6. How does it takes for sss salary loan encoded for validation process?My partner applied last July 14 but still the status of his loan was still encoded for validation.

  7. Hi, I have applied for a loan status but the problem is that the account I have used a bank card that was expired and cancelled by the bank. I emailed the SSS about it. Then after a day, I checked my loan status. and it says disbursement to bank G. I have 2 remaining registered bank accounts in SSS. The Gcash and My Union Bank. My question is that in the loan details info, it says that I used BDO bank that is already expired and deactivated. Does SSS automatically use my other bank account for disbursement? thanks.

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